Shelley Snodgrass


Artist Statement

When a mark is made on the surface of a page, it is a piece of personal history. It records an interpretation of a mood or a remnant of a movement. It captures the energy that came from the physical act of creating those lines and edges.

In my works, I layer charcoal lines, torn paper, handspun fiber, thread and pastel. I enjoy the discoveries I encounter in the process of combining these different textures, material and colors to make them work together.

Fiber entered my artwork shortly after I learned to spin yarn on a wheel. There are a multitude of materials available for spinning. Each has its own individual characteristic that is revealed when spun. I am inspired by the curling and bending of the handspun fiber and use it as I would a drawn line to direct the flow or pull a shape from a page. Often I find that colors I’m using to make yarn influence my exploration with a piece of artwork. Each creative endeavor feeds the other.

Curriculum Vitae: PDF