February Newsletter

According to the calendar, we are mid-winter. Temperatures have been fluctuating wildly. We have had many days of snow and rain falling and coating the ground with slick ice and hard packed snow. A few days later a thaw will arrive. Ice changing to water dripping from the trees and slushy snow giving way under our feet. Our bodies adapting, expanding and contracting with these changes just as the world around us must.
Despite how challenging these winter months can be, I still find things to love about living in Maine this time of year. I spend chilly winter days inside cooking, spinning yarn, organizing my “nest” and catching up with friends. And when the temperatures warm, I enjoy spending time outside. Breathing the cool, fresh air while out on a walk or a run, and finding inspiration in the sights and sounds of the winter landscape. I love living in a place with these dramatic changes. My heart is truly at home here.

This month I have a yoga workshop coming up and a few new images in my handmade cards to share with you. I hope you enjoy, and as always feel free to reach out with any questions.


You are invited to join my good friend, Lori Harley, and I for our Moon Salutations workshop. Chandra Namaskar, or Moon Salutations, are the complement to Sun Salutations. Practiced more slowly to promote balance and harmony in the body and mind. I will be guiding practitioners through steady and easeful movement with the soothing sound of the cello as accompaniment. The afternoon practice will close with some replenishing Yin postures.
Our offering will take place on Saturday, February 24th from 3-5pm at the Yarmouth Yoga Studio. Read more about it and sign up online here. Preregistration is required. We would love to have you join us!
In addition to this month’s event, you may still catch me in Freeport at my weekly yoga offerings. Slow Flow on Wednesday mornings from 9-10am at the Barn at Windpointe and Morning Flow on Friday mornings from 8-9am at Freeport Yoga Company. You may read more about my classes on my website.


Heart Blossom cards are back in stock in time for Valentine’s Day! They are offered with either pink or red patterned paper. This design, as well as, my other cards are available for purchase at Abacus stores and Freeport Yoga Company, or contact me directly for availability.
Also, now available is Majestic Lotus, a twist on the Joyful Lotus card that I created in November(See below).

I hope you can join me for one or all of my upcoming yoga classes or events, and that you enjoyed getting a peek at my card images!
In the works for this spring… another Art & Yoga day retreat co-led with Amy Partridge-Barber, and a Fiber Art and Yoga day retreat with my friend and fellow fiber artist, Allison Thompson. I will keep you updated as plans progress!
Wishing everyone a spark of inspiration and love this month.

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