Thoughts about “Entwined”

One of the many decisions I needed to make when I chose to revamp my website was whether or not to keep the business name that I had carefully chosen eight years ago, Entwined. It represented something different then. At the time, I had just discovered my love for fiber. I was spinning, dyeing and knitting. I was entranced by the energy and the patterns that were created from the action of spinning the fibers together. The beauty in the hand spun yarn was in the irregularities, the bumps and textures that were a result of the process and the material being used.

Fiber had begun to make its way into my fine art work. The art and craft were inspiring each other, communicating through color, movement and texture. I was exploring how these two separate creative expressions could overlap and intersect, even become one.

Now, with this additional passion of practicing and teaching yoga, I needed to examine if the word “Entwined” was still encapsulating my journey. I found that as I work in the role of yoga teacher to build sequences and craft words to help students express a pose—those same descriptions of actions and feelings that I seek—help me to visualize the qualities of asana that I want to recreate as works of art. My art has become a visual expression of my yoga practice.

So, once again I am pulling the threads from separate endeavors and weaving them together to inspire me. Yes, “Entwined” still fits. And I look forward to continued exploration of yoga and art through observation and movement, with textured words and materials.